We fail, you learn

Want to learn from Agile Transformation Success Stories: Go visit a conference.

There is so much to learn from failure! But failure hurts (sometimes) and we often can only fail in a limited number of ways.

Want to learn first hand from failures from others? Contact us and we’ll share our stories so you can learn.

OK, but who are you exactly?

We are me (Rob), Marijn and Youri. You can check out Rob’s profile, Marijn’s profile and Youri’s profile on LinkedIn.

Hey Rob, how will you share your story?

I will bring two experienced Scrum Master (Marijn and Youri) who will facilitate the session. You’ll invite us over and share lunch or dinner with us. Before or after our meal, we take two hours to share our story.

And Rob, what do you expect from us?

We require an audience of 5 to 9 people. We will share our failures openly. We ask you to be respectful towards us and towards others involved in our failures.

We expect you to actively engage with the content at hand. We will facilitate your participation.

Are there any costs attached?

Well, you have to buy us a meal. If we have to travel for more than say one hour, we ask you to reimburse our travel expenses.

OK, let’s do this! How do I get started?

Mail us with the request “You failed, I want to learn!”. Please leave your contact data and we’ll be in touch.