It is disturbing how much the term Agile is misused nowadays. So what is Agile again? And where is it about?

It is NOT a brand,
it is NOT a methodology,
it is NOT a framework,
it is NOT a (set of) rule(s).

What is it then?

It is an adjective to describe a certain ability:

ag.ile adjective able to move quickly and easily

Agile is a word commonly used in the field of software development to define a certain mindset to be able to move quickly and easily.

This mindset is captured in manifesto’s, frameworks, roll definitions, skill sets, best-practices, etc.

One of the manifesto’s greatly describing the Agile mindset is the Manifesto for Agile Software Development.

Examples of frameworks enabling the Agile mindset are Scrum, RAD, AUP, KanBan and ScrumBan.

So why is this mindset important?

When these frameworks, best practices, etc. are correctly implemented, you are halfway there.

However these frameworks, best practices, etc are only maintainable when the Agile mindset is felt and understood on al levels of an organisation.

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